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Saskatchewan Provincial Political Donations

I’ve been working on a little project for the last little while. Poking away at it whenever I had a bit of free time. Saskatchewan Elections posts the disclosures of donations that political parties must file. Transparency good. Unfortunately they are all in pdf format. Which sucks for a data cruncher like me.

What I really want is all the data in a form I can actually use. Like a spreadsheet. So I’ve been taking the information from the disclosure documents and putting it into a spreadsheet. I am experimenting with making this available to other people and the general public. I am not sure what the best way to publish this info is, so I am trying out Google Sheets embedding selected ranges from my Excel spreadsheet. We’ll see how it goes.

All of these numbers come from the Annual Fiscal Period Returns filed by Provincial political parties.

Below is a summary (generated via pivot table), but it is not yet complete. I’m still adding data, so these numbers may change, and some of the blanks will fill in as I add more data. (I am currently experimenting with embedding from Onedrive, so things might be in a bit of flux until I get it how I want).


By donor type (itemized donors >$250; grey indicates data has yet to be entered.):


By donor type including small (<$250) donors):

(There is a pivot table slicer on the far right which may or may not work when embedded.)


Top 10 corporate donors:

(You can change the donor type filter at the top to individual if you want to see those, or scroll to the right and try the slicers.)

(note the large sums from Affinity Credit Union and CIBC Wood Gundy are loans. Loans have to be recorded on the party’s annual returns as a contribution. The first pivot table above has been filtered to exclude loans.)