Letter: Why not a memorial to victims of totalitarianism?

I’m no architect so I’ll leave the design criticism alone (for now), but this pretty much sums up this monumental mistake.

Ottawa Citizen

Dictatorships that identified as “communist” murdered tens of millions of innocent people throughout the 20th century; there is no denying that. My problem with this memorial is not that it commemorates those victims, but that it ignores the other side of this story – the victims of anti-communist, totalitarian regimes. The Cold War was a geopolitical contest between two superpowers and their allies. Ideology played a role in this contest, but it did not guide it.

To define it as a battle between capitalist liberal democracy and totalitarian Marxism-Leninism ignores too many factors. Namely, that the United States aligned itself with numerous, ruthless and totalitarian dictatorships. One of these, Portugal, was even a founding member of NATO, despite being led by a fascist dictator, Antonio Salazar. The narrative that the Iron Curtain separated the oppressed from those who enjoyed freedom ignores the repressive nature of anti-communist dictatorships in Spain, Portugal…

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