Fraser Institute wages

So after rifling through the Fraser Institute’s 2012 Registered Charity information return available on the Canada Revenue Agency website here are some interesting numbers with respect to the wages they pay their employees.

The top 10 highest paid employees make anywhere between $119,000 and $350,000 per year. Five of them make over $160,000.

The Institute’s remaining 42 full time employees each make about $98,000 per year.

Meanwhile, their 21 part time employees average about $7,600 annually.

Isn’t it “charitable” of them to lecture the rest of us about the “evils” of raising the minimum wage, tell us that corporations should’t pay any taxes at all (just like the non-taxpaying Fraser Institute itself), and that improving the Canada Pension Plan is a bad thing.

It’s so nice to hear from an organization that doesn’t pay taxes, staffed by people with incomes so high they can easily fund their own retirement and still have plenty to live a better lifestyle than virtually all other Canadians, who have no idea what poverty is really like, grace us with their vast wisdom, experience and charity.


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