Math challenged Conservative MP

Recently in the Vancouver Sun Conservative MP Andrew Saxton responded to a piece by Liberal MP Ralph Goodale claiming that “When it comes to lowering taxes, our Conservative government has nothing to learn from the Liberal Party” while bragging about various tax cuts his party has made.

Sorry Andrew, adding $160,000,000,000 to the national debt is not a tax cut. That’s a tax deferral. One that will have to be paid back by the “hardworking Canadians, seniors, and their families” he claims to “work hard to keep taxes low for”.

The Liberals left office after running many surplus budgets and paying down the national debt. The conservative increase to the debt will be paid for by taxpayers in the future. Plus interest. Andrew, you have a lot to learn, starting with basic math.

Funding tax cuts by borrowing money doesn’t cut taxes. It simply defers them to the future and adds the cost of borrowing too. This is something that is plainly obvious to most “hardworking Canadians”, unless you are a former banker turned MP.

The CPC sure takes the “conserve” out of “conservative”.


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